Enhanced Agent Assist & Customer Experience for Sayurbox | Case Study

Case Study on Implementation of Conversational ai solutions for Sayurbox has improved customer engagement and experience

Sayurbox is a farm-to-fork, mobile-first e-commerce platform for purchasing fresh produce that is cherry-picked, and delivered directly from farms to consumers (B2C) and restaurants (B2B). They function in Banten, West Java, and Jakarta.

The deficient accessibility to the markets for farmers and the need for fresh, organic food by people gave birth to Sayurbox, which has since 2016 successfully bridged the gap between demand and supply without having to go through supply networks.

It has saved copious time and accredited farmers to earn their rightful wages. Consumers were quick to jump on to the farm to fork gumption. Customers particularly appreciate the box of groceries brought to them for their personal touch, rapid delivery, and health benefits.

Highlights of the Agricultural sector in Indonesia

  • Small family farms (93%) largely dominate the agricultural sector in Indonesia. They grow a bulk of staple crops including rice, corn, and cassava.
  • While in the last two decades, Indonesia’s economy flourished and poverty has cut down to half, the small family farms contributing a whopping 47% to Indonesia’s GDP still witness restricted access to credit schemes and technical help. Only 17% of small family farmers are beneficiaries.
  • A large portion of credit used for food and agricultural requirements/inputs limits smallholders from re-investing in credit.
  • Ergo, growing a fresh batch of produce takes a hit as farmers risk running short of farming essentials due to inadequacies of budget.
  • The entire demand and supply face a delay further on as farmers don’t have access to the markets.
  • Indonesia is a growing digital economy amongst the connected populace, however, Internet penetration is low. Farmers being distant from cities rely on suppliers which is an extensive process.
  • Sayurbox has successfully brought the farmers, consumers, and restaurants closer, thus allowing peasants to yield better from the crops and investing in facilities needed to keep the cycle of crops growing.



Previously, with the traditional ticketing system, the entire customer experience was still people dependent. The tickets didn’t show a considerable decline, and the resolutions weren’t concrete. A ticket was simply routed, not resolved. Our deployed solution has reduced the inflow of customer support queries and the number of tickets. The average handling time of a query resolution is also reduced drastically. Agents can utilize their time for critical tasks. The agents need not supervise the entire flow.


Items are organized efficiently for ease of access and exploration. The management of products has made it faster and easier for employees to pull records.


A support desk runs on a reactive basis wherein the query is simply routed. The Sayurbox virtual assistant searches multiple systems to find the best match for the query. The accuracy of this system querying increases with conversations. The more people converse with the chatbot, the better and more precise will be the resolution.


With the help of a virtual assistant that harnesses the potential of natural language processing and machine learning, query resolution keeps improving with time. This reduces the number of tickets and mostly grievances and complaints. Sayurbox has managed to get remarkable results in just a month of deploying the solution. The CSAT has risen by about 45%


The traditional ticketing system didn’t solve the problem of cutting down query handling time. It also required more agents for ticket management. However, with the chatbot, revenues increased and the need for more agents was eradicated.


Sayurbox functions at full capacity amongst just 200 employees. Many employees take on multiple roles and sometimes it means assisting customers while they’re not on-premise. Our support dashboard web app is also available on mobile. Now agents can cater to customer requirements anytime, anywhere using the mobile app that can be downloaded via play store.


Customers can interact with the virtual assistant on WhatsApp and Web.

Conversational AI Solutions for Sayurbox

Enhanced Customer Service and Engagement:

Sayurbox is providing remarkable customer service that has ensured greater retention and loyal customers.

Decreased Cart Abandonment:

Conversational AI has catered to the buying decision. The purchasing process is simpler ensuring customers can fulfill their orders.

Decreased Cart Abandonment Rate

Up-selling and Cross-Selling:

The virtual assistant analyses all conversations to predict the right time to upsell and cross-sell to each customer.

Drive Conversions Faster:

With pre-defined templates, the deployment of new campaigns and promotions can take up to only a day generating valuable leads.

Order Placement, Modifications, and Tracking:

With WhatsApp’s new Interactive template, the purchasing process is simplified and requires little agent assistance.

Agent Assist Dashboard:

Agent assist dashboard for customer support enabled agents to push the efficacy of their strategy.

  • Ticket Analytics and Reporting: Our support dashboard gives key analytics to better their service. It includes average ticket handling time, online visitors, active and resolved tickets, assigned tickets, agent availability, ticket CSAT and more. One can search tickets by using contact number, ticket number, name, and email filter them by date, status, source, tags, and agent as well as download the reports for a specific duration.
  • Monitoring and Customization: Viewing and editing agent profile as well as monitoring all the conversations on one dashboard improved the agent productivity at Sayurbox. They can customize the ticket timeout settings, add tags, and canned responses (predefined answers to common questions) in a jiffy. Contrary to ticketing systems that required many integrated tools and platforms, here every conversation and grievance is captured and recorded on one dashboard.
Monitoring and Customization
Monitoring and Customization Dashboard
Agent Assist Dashboard
User Management Dashboard
  • Access Control: The support admin is able to administer the levels of accessibility of each feature on the dashboard.
Agent UI Configuration Dashboard
Agent UI Configuration Dashboard

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