Bringing a Customer Centric approach to NBFC through automation

Approach to NBFC Through Automation

Challenges Faced by Non-Banking Financial Companies

  • Multiple product verticals: Multiple product verticals require dedicated customer support and sales teams to handle specific product queries.
  • Query resolution:  Large number of user queries to handle for each product offering by the teams.
  • Multiple Points of Contact: A separate point of contact for each product vertical causes inconvenience amongst the users.
  • Lack of omni-channel presence: Offering product information on the website doesn’t engage a lot of customers because it is time-consuming.
  • Better Customer Experience: Improve the customer experience through easier access to product information and faster query resolution.

Yellow Messenger Solution NBFC’s Challenges

  • Automate customer support and sales communication. 
  • Develop a common point of contact that integrates all the product verticals.
  • Offer product information on multiple channels and in a more efficient manner to improve customer convenience. 
  • Reduce dependency on sales and customer support agents through automation.

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