A Case Study on IVR in Modern Enterprise

AI-Powered IVR

When you think about IVR, what is the first thought that comes to your mind? We bet it’s Customer Support. While IVR has a great fit with being leveraged to offer 24/7 support, it’s lately finding its seat at the table for Sales, Marketing and more. By leveraging AI-powered speech recognition software – business stakeholders can get immediate and accurate responses, round the clock, in a language, they’re more comfortable with. It’s fast, it’s scalable, it’s cost-effective. And above all, it is the perfect one-size fits all deployment.

Fact on IVR in Modern Enterprises:

79% of Indians believe that if done right, automated interactions can delight them.

Over 80% of queries can successfully be resolved with a chatbot, without the requirement of human interaction.

24/7/365 – A total win-win situation. Customers get access to round-the-clock support and the call center agents are freed-up to concentrate on other value-added activities. This ensures productivity at both ends.

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