WhatsApp Business Opt-In FAQs

WhatsApp Business Opt-in FAQs
What is a WhatsApp business Opt-In and why do I need it?

As WhatsApp business clearly defines it:
“A user must first consent to receive messages in WhatsApp by opting into them “
This means that a business cannot send the first message to the user unless the user has “opted-in” to receive WhatsApp notifications/messages. If a business wants to send WhatsApp push notifications such as Order Status, Reminders, updates, etc, the business first needs to get user opt-in.

How do I get WhatsApp opt-in from the customer?

WhatsApp Opt-in can happen on any 3rd party channel.
For Example:
– During account creation on the business web page.
– Through an SMS campaign where the user clicks on a link that takes them to a page where they can opt-in to receive WhatsApp Notifications. 
– Via Email
– While selling a product
The opt-in web page should contain a checkbox like this:
WhatsApp Opt-In Notification
The checkbox has to be separate and cannot be clubbed together with SMS, Email marketing checkboxes.

Can I send messages to my customers without Whatsapp opt-in? Is there some workaround?

No, you cannot send a message to the customer unless they have opted-in. WhatsApp is GDPR compliant.

What happens if I send messages without WhatsApp business Opt-in?

WhatsApp business reserves the right to revoke the brand’s WhatsApp license and registration and the message may fail with a “User not opted in” response. And it might be difficult for the brand to apply for re-registration.

How does WhatsApp check whether I have taken opt-in before sending notifications?

To ensure compliance, WhatsApp will routinely check a business’ opt-in flows. They will also monitor the quality signals you’ll see in your WhatsApp Account. When they are red, WhatsApp will verify opt-in flows.

What if the customer messages my brand’s WhatsApp Number?

This is considered as “issue resolution” and the brand has to reply to the customer within 24hrs. The brand can send a push notification related to the original support thread and the template type has to be “issue-resolution”.

Is it considered WhatsApp opt-in if the customer messages my brand first?

No, this is not considered WhatsApp opt-in. The brand is not allowed to send any push notification except “issue-resolution” type if a customer who hasn’t opted-in messages of the brand.

What is the WhatsApp issue resolution type template?

WhatsApp Issue Resolution templates allow you to respond to questions, concerns, or feedback from customers about your business.

Can I get WhatsApp opt-in from my customer on offline paper forms?

Yes, however, the same guidelines have to be followed. There has to be a separate checkbox for WhatsApp that is clearly visible with the WhatsApp logo, which then has to be updated in WhatsApp flow.

Can I do an IVR Blast or call my customer to get a WhatsApp opt-in?

No, WhatsApp business guidelines show that the opt-in has to happen on a visual element. I.e. There has to be a visual checkbox, without it WhatsApp does not allow messaging your customers.

If a user messages me on WhatsApp, can I ask them on WhatsApp if they are willing to receive notifications on WhatsApp?

No, opt-in has to happen on a 3rd party channel outside WhatsApp. Asking for opt-in on WhatsApp is not allowed.

Should the brand maintain the database of WhatsApp opt-ins or does Yellow Messenger maintain it?

The brand must maintain the database of WhatsApp opt-ins. Yellow Messenger does not maintain opt-in. Yellow Messenger is involved in the verification process for WhatsApp Business API and creating a chatbot on the platform for the brand. Yellow Messenger also provides analytics to keep track of users.

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